Red & Pink Skully Yoga Mat

"A friend and defender of animals" Two crossed swords and a skull remind us to always be a friend and defender of animals and nature and to act according to our intentions. Just like on a pirate ship flag, the skull represents individuality and rebellion against the status quo.

• TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) Yogitails brand yoga mat
• Pink skull design printed on red background, black on reverse side
• 24 inches wide by 72 inches long (super long!)
• Printed with lead-free inks which will not rub off even after use in wet conditions
• 5mm thickness (about 3/16")
• Bio-degradable, recyclable, contains no lead, no latex, and no PVC
• Lightweight (about 2 lbs.)
• Provides excellent cushion, support, traction and water-resistance
• Mold and mildew resistant

Mats can be cleaned with mild soap and water, or any specially designed yoga mat cleaning product.

Price: $49.00